The Story of 33 Chilean Miners on the Blink of Death

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Miracle Underground is a film about the most captivating story of recent history, the 33 Chilean miners that were first left for dead to later be rescued alive after 70 days under almost 700 meters below the surface.

There are times when stories are good to be told, but this story is one to be told well based on the facts and from the connecting point between life and death. What we as human beings face when we know almost for sure that time is not on our side and connecting with God is our only hope. Faith and prayers from people from all over the world poured like few times humankind was united in a common purpose.


October 20th, 2010

Miracle Underground film team was put together with the decision to tell the story from a spiritual point of view. Producer Boris Acosta gathered some of the most important professionals in the industry, including an Oscar winner.

November 2nd,, 2010

A press release was written and published online with all names involved at the present time.

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July 2011

A few newspapers from Chile have interviewd actor Eric Roberts and producer Boris Acosta. Click on their name to read them. If you wish to translate them go here.

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